Benjamin Feldman

Benjamin Feldman

Project Title: The Reshaping of Pervasive Cultures and Effective Governance

Project description: Leaders play a crucial role in shaping cultures, be it in businesses, organizations, nations, or otherwise. This project examines the ways in which leaders win the support of those they govern and obtain buy-in for the grand vision they hold. By examining organizational behavior on a micro scale and applying it to executives in the political realm, the project seeks to explain factors that make leaders persuasive in their efforts to change a culture.

Most important accomplishment: Having the opportunity to lead the Cornell Speech team to a state championship. The incredible turnaround and dedication amazes me. 

Reflections on the College Scholar Program: I have the opportunity to pursue my interests in an extremely unique way. With a more open schedule, I’m seeing the world differently by taking classes in Communication, ILR, Info Science, Spanish - and that’s just my first semester in the program. I’m excited to keep answering the questions that have always interested me.