Annie Deng

Annie Deng

Project Title: Design for Visual Storytelling in Illustration, Film, and Interactive Media

Project Description: Illustrations, films, and games tell effective stories that immerse us in rich experiences and influence our beliefs and perspectives. A picture tells a thousand words, but how are these pictures designed to be effective? And when they can be put in combination with sound, movement, and interaction as they are in films and games, how can their effectiveness be enhanced? My project aims to understand how visual stories are designed to be impactful—through looking at visual design, art, film, game design, and the psychology of perception. 

Most important accomplishment: An accomplishment I am proud of is having my artwork be chosen for a Daily Deviation on the art sharing website Deviantart. Out of the hundreds of millions of artwork on the website, Deviantart admin select one artwork per day from each category to be featured on the front page. A few years ago, I used to browse the Daily Deviations every day hoping that one day I’d have the capability to create the quality of art that could be accepted to the gallery, so my selection is to me an indication of progress in my journey as an artist.

Reflections on the College Scholar program: My interest in visual storytelling led me to a variety of classes in my first semesters at Cornell: in art, design, art history, and the computing sciences. I am grateful to the College Scholar program for giving me the opportunity to continue studies in the multidisciplinary fields that inform my interest. The program gave me a home when I at first felt like I was floundering between different departments, and it also provided me with a community of students also doing multidisciplinary studies that I can have stimulating discussions with and bounce my ideas off of.