Amelia Clute

Amelia CLute

Project title:  You are what you eat: how food serves as a marker and creator of cultural identity. 

Project description:  This project explores the role food plays in establishing a cultural and social identity. Cooking and eating together has been a part of virtually every society since the birth of man- in our modern world, however, the importance of sharing a meal is disappearing. How will this affect us in the long term, if at all? 

Most important accomplishment:  I am proudest of starting my own business in 2017. I run a baking business, mainly for cakes, called Earhart Sweets. This experience has taught me responsibility, determination, and shaped the learner that I am today.

Reflections on the College Scholar Program: I am constantly awed by the uniqueness of my peers in the college scholar program- due to the nature of the major, a hugely diverse class is brought in to share their ideas. Unlike a traditional major in which most students have taken the same classes and therefore are thinking similarly, the college scholar program introduces the student to a wide range of ideas and problem solving strategies.