Alia Adler

Alia Adler

Project title: How do we build a “good” school?

Project description:  I am looking at what constitutes a “good” education and what stops every school system from being equally good. From there, I want to examine how to implement my findings on a global level.

Most important accomplishment: Getting selected to live in Kolkata, India for 2 months and learning Bangla through the Critical Language Scholarship program funded by the US State Department.

Reflections on the program: In A&S, I often faced the problem of wanting to do too much. If I were to take all the classes that interested me on top of my requirements, I would never graduate. However, in this program I can actually study what appeals to me. On top of that, I am placed in an environment where I can develop skills that allow me to make the cool things (such as research or internships) I see other students doing happen for myself.