Ashira Weinreich


Project Title: World Cultural Medicine 

Project Description: My project will examine parallels among varying ethnic and cultural groups around the world in their usage and beliefs regarding the role of medicine and healing in their communities. Each medicinal system of study arose in and reflects diverse cultural, political, geographic and religious ecosystems which shape perspectives on healing. Through a comprehensive analysis of multidisciplinary facets I plan to map out the interconnected world of medicine and healing in a global context, as well as the contrasts within and between cultures.

Most Important Accomplishment: I led an independent research project on Jewish Traditional Medicine, in which I discovered parallels that I believe can be expanded upon and further studied in my College Scholar curriculum.

Reflections on the College Scholar Program: I believe that exploration and discovery is inherently interdisciplinary; it requires people of all backgrounds and interests in order to thoroughly tackle topics and best understand projects. The College Scholar program aligns with this philosophy, allowing me to engage with my interests in a structured but interdisciplinary manner.