Asha Prabhat

Project Title: Human Trafficking Policy: Flaws, Unsuccessful Methods, and Continuities Through History

Project Description: From the African Slave Trade to more modern depictions of slavery, human trafficking has plagued the international community for centuries, yet little has been done policy-wise to mitigate this problem. I will compare case studies of domestic policy and analyze the evolution of international law regarding human trafficking. Additionally, I will study anti-Slave Trade policy during the 19th century and trace continuities in language and in practice between this policy and modern policy to see if the same flaws remain. Hopefully, my findings and critiques will prompt both domestic and international policymakers to create new and effective laws.

Most Important Accomplishment: As CEO of the Cornell Advocacy Project, a registered 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to democratizing an education in advocacy, I spearheaded an initiative that seeks to educate Cornell students on the sexual violence prevention resources and counselling services on and off campus. After partnering with a myriad of student groups, administration and support services, and off-campus organizations, Advocacy Project members filmed a video detailing these resources and the services they provide to students so they can advocate for themselves or their peers in the future. This video will be mandatorily distributed to all student leaders, freshmen, and transfer students, starting Spring 2023.

Reflections: I have been personally studying primary source analyses and first-hand accounts of Human Trafficking since I was in High School. The College Scholars Program not only allows me to strengthen my knowledge in an area that I am truly passionate about, but it also allows me to advocate for victim-survivors by analyzing policy flaws and proposing new policy.