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As an archaeology major, you’ll benefit from an interdisciplinary approach to a broad range of cultures, with courses in classical archaeology and art, Near Eastern studies, and the archaeology of Eurasia, the Americas and Africa. You’ll gain hands-on experience through lab-based courses in zooarchaeology, ceramics, dendrochronology and in the material cultures of Native Americans and Euro-Americans, and will have opportunities for fieldwork both in the U.S. and abroad. The Cornell Institute of Archaeology and Material Studies (CIAMS) is one of the leading archaeology groupings in the U.S. and offers one of the few majors in archaeology in the country.

Sample Courses

  • Archaeology of North American Indians
  • Art and Archaeology in the Ancient Mediterranean World
  • Drinking Through the Ages: Intoxicating Beverages in Near Eastern and World History
  • Across the Seas: Contacts Between the Americas and the Old World before Columbus

Students went off to

  • Study archaeology at Cambridge
  • Be a park ranger for the National Park Service
  • Be vice president and general counsel of the National Trust for Historic Preservation