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As an anthropology major, you’ll study the complex social and cultural relationships that define human communities and learn how to conduct engaged, collaborative, field-based research. You’ll be able to investigate topics ranging from identity politics and globalization to the origins of agriculture and the rise of empires. The settings you’ll explore can take you from the lowland rain forest of ancient Mesoamerica to the mountains of the Himalayas, from prisons in Latin America to a synagogue on New York City’s Lower East Side, from medical research centers in Tanzania to the colonial era Finger Lakes. 

Sample Courses

  • Medicine, Culture and Society
  • The Rise and Fall of "Civilization"
  • Cultural Diversity and Contemporary Issues
  • Myth, Ritual and Symbol

Students went off to

  • Be a museum educator at Plimoth Plantation
  • Do provenance research at the Denver Art Museum
  • Be senior vice president of corporate affairs at Genzyme