Alyssa Kamath

Alyssa Kamath portrait photo with fall colors in the back.

Project Title: Global Asylum and Refugee Migration 

Project description: Global displacement and refugee/asylum crises are at a record high in today’s world. The purpose of my project is to explore refugee and asylum migration around the world by giving equal scholarly respect to global phenomena––wars, economic instability, environmental factors, and more––as well as individual narratives. Particularly, I am interested in how intimate and structural factors interact to inform why individuals must flee their homelands and how these causal factors compare across regions and time. In researching this topic, I hope to  bridge the gap between micro and macro-level research, formulating analytical theories without undermining multifaceted, personal stories of migration. 

Most important accomplishment: Having the opportunity to work with asylum seekers and incredible immigration paralegals/ attorneys as an intern for the Political Asylum/ Immigration Representation (PAIR) Project in Boston, MA. 

Reflections on the College Scholar program: I am not only thrilled to be a college scholar, but also to be able to work alongside other intellectually curious students who are incredibly passionate about their research topics. Even while we all study different subjects, the interdisciplinary nature of our topics of interests allow us to draw connections between our research and help one another develop our projects.