Alexis Jones

Alexis Jones

Project Title: Black Migration and Freedom Studies: East Asia: Japan

Project Description: Recently, there has been a rise in Black diasporic migration to East Asia. My project will be focusing on Black migration to Japan and the way their experiences are narrated in various forms of media. The individual perspectives of Black people living in Japan are mostly positive, but the sociological perspective is overwhelmingly negative? Why is that? What’s the truth? I hypothesize the truth exists somewhere in between both narratives. I desire to learn the role the media plays in the dissemination of accurate, representational migration narratives. Thus, I plan to answer the question: In regards to Black people migrating to Japan and their experience there, how can various forms of media mend the disruption between the individual narratives and the Western sociological narrative?

This project will compare and analyze the aforementioned narratives through archival research, virtual and in-person interviews/surveys, and video based data collection. Then, looking at how media such as visual arts, print media, and social media platforms have attempted to alter rhetoric surrounding migration throughout history, I will elaborate on how said tactics can apply and uplift Black/African diasporic migration to Japan.his research has the capability to provide evidence of why the migration and naturalization of Black people in other nations may be necessary and/or desirable.

Most Important Accomplishment: Working for a legal nonprofit: DC Justice Lab my entire sophomore year.

Reflections on the College Scholar Program: The College Scholar Program has given me the space to actually love what I study. Honestly, this program is the only reason I applied to Cornell, so, needless to say, it is the highlight of my Cornell education. I am excited to be able to work alongside and have discourse with other students that are pursuing independent research.