Adam Herold

Adam Herold in a suit in front of an academic building.

Project title:  Passions & Professions: Perspectives on Career Choice

Project description: I am interested in studying how and why people choose their careers, specifically regarding high-risk, low-paying, or marginalized professions. My focus was inspired by my experience attending magnet programs for visual art, where I became intrigued about the mechanisms that motivated my peers to pursue or pivot away from being professional artists. To dive into the topic of career choice, I’ll be splitting my project into two areas: career motivation - what in peoples’ lives informs their career decisions - and career prospects - how societal perceptions of different professions affect how they’re perceived and valued. I hope to apply my findings to the topics of career satisfaction and the rapidly-changing job market.

Most important accomplishment:  Attending the University of Oxford St. Edmund Hall Visiting Students program.

Reflections on the College Scholar Program: One of the most interesting aspects of the program has been learning around other students with such defined and fascinating interests. Even though we all have vastly different programs of study, we’re united by our curiosity, creativity, and willingness to set our own paths toward our passions. As part of the College Scholar community, I’ve been pushed to take risks and investigate a wide range of intersections and perspectives, which has helped me become a better student and professional.