Abigail Kraus

Abi Kraus

Project title: Environmental Anthropology: Diving Deep into Culture and Climate in Hawai’i

Project description: I intend to combine aspects of environmental and sustainability science with cultural anthropology and sociology into a comprehensive study on the Hawaiian Islands. Three main pillars—language, food, and tourism—act as a foundation for me to explore the ways in which environment and culture intertwine in vital facets of Hawaiian life. My main goal is to achieve a deeper understanding of how Hawai’i became severely at risk of both environmental and cultural loss, and to contemplate how conversations of environmentalism and social activism can better include and uplift island communities.

Most important accomplishment: Achieving fluency in Spanish and a now intermediate level of proficiency in Mandarin! I am very proud of my language-learning skills because it helps me connect with more people around the world. I can’t wait to learn more!

Reflections on the College Scholar Program: I am constantly amazed by the work my peers in this program are doing. Through other scholars’ work, I am able to catch a glimpse of realms of academia that I’ve never explored before, and they help me gain more perspective on my research as well. It’s an incredibly valuable experience and exactly what I wanted my college experience to be.