Abby Schulman


Project Title: Exploring the Social and Psychological Impacts of Digital Media and Emerging Technologies

Project Description: My project explores the impacts of digital media and emerging technologies on society and on human cognition, behavior, and development.I am interested in how technologies like social media platforms and robots are continuing to become a growing part of our world and being used in diverse fields, from entertainment to education. These technologies are not innately “bad” or “good” for society; rather, the effect that they have depends on their usage. For example, social media is used as a means of communication and creativity; however, it is also responsible for fostering hate speech, bullying, stalking, and mental health disorders. My research in the College Scholar Program will shed light on the implications of various technologies, ultimately allowing me to understand how we can use technology to have a positive impact on people and society in the future.

Most Important Accomplishment: Working as Sales Manager for Cornell Media Guild!

Reflections on the College Scholar Program: The College Scholar Program will help me answer my interdisciplinary research question by allowing me to explore the intersections of many fields. I plan to take courses from many different departments, such as Communication, Psychology, Information Science, Sociology, and Human Development. Having this intellectual freedom is essential as I will be able to learn about the nuances of my research topic from varying perspectives. I am thankful to be a part of the College Scholar Program, as studying my topic in this way will intellectually satisfy me and allow me to encapsulate all that I want to discover.