Academic Advising

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Whether your interests are focused or varied, our faculty and advising deans support your intellectual inquisitiveness and initiative. They will help you put together an academic plan to make the most of your four years here and put you on the path to a bright future.

They are also here to help you grow as a person and navigate the sometimes confusing terrain of college. Everybody needs a little help sometimes and, when those times arise, our advising deans are here to listen. They can connect you with a vast array of resources and campus staff who are experts in handling academic challenges or health care concerns and can offer care, information or counseling.

  • Faculty advisors are your go-to source for information about major requirements. You can find your faculty advisor in Student Center under "program advisor."

  • Advising deans can help you explore your interests, whether they be in the humanities, social sciences, life sciences or physical sciences, and help you eventually decide on a major. They can introduce you to the rich possibilities of a Cornell education, from study abroad to undergraduate research, from special pre-professional programs to independent study and scholar programs. Find your advising dean here.

  • Peer advisors are assigned to all first-year students and can answer questions from a student perspective to ease the transition from high school to college.

Health care questions? Visit the Gannett Health Center website.

Check out your personal Student Essentials page for information related to your finances, academics and community.

"When I met Dean Chad Coates, I knew that he was going to play a critical role in my academic development here at Cornell. Not only did he recommend me for the McNair Scholars program, but he also created a very warm and supportive presence. He believed in me in moments when I didn't believe in myself. And while that may be one of the most cliché things to say, it does not make it any less true." — Kemar Prussien '15