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Cornell University Cornell University College of Arts and Sciences Cornell University

College of Arts and Sciences, Liberal Arts at Cornell University

A superb small liberal arts college at the center of an outstanding research university

College of Arts and Sciences students enjoy an Ivy League education distinguished by unusual breadth and depth of study and freedom to shape their own curriculum. Each year, more than 25 percent of our students work closely with faculty in research and independent study. The college's departments and programs demonstrate the highest levels of scholarly and artistic achievement— half of the departments are among the nation's top 10 in their fields.

Here's What We Are Looking For



Beyond the Essentials

What you should expect from the faculty: leadership in their fields, commitment to undergraduate education, accessibility

What the faculty will expect from you: strong work ethic, broad academic interests, academic and personal integrity

What you can expect from your classmates: commitment to excellence, strong sense of community, dedication to public service

What your classmates will expect from you: openness to new experiences and different perspectives, collaborative spirit

What Sets Us Apart

  • We offer a flexible curriculum with broad distribution requirements, no core curriculum.
  • 100 percent of faculty members teach and advise undergraduates.
  • 95 percent of courses are taught by faculty.
  • We have an 8:1 student/faculty ratio.
  • 50 percent of courses have fewer than 15 enrolled students, and 70 percent fewer than 20.
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