Professor: Good outcome unlikely at European weekend summit on migration crisis

October 26, 2015

With tens of thousands of migrants entering Slovenia this last week, Europe is scrambling for a solution. The European Commission called for a mini-summit on Sunday, but Cornell University sociologist Mabel Berezin says that despite the effort to bring states together, the crisis might be the last nail in the European Union’s coffin. 

“No matter what the European Union emergency summit on migration this weekend decides, it is hard to imagine a good outcome," says Berezin. "Many of the countries of the former Eastern bloc are dead set against taking in migrants. They are following a trend that is reverberating throughout the continent.  The migrant crisis has been a gift for the nationalist right in the West as well as in the East ...The only thing that I see on the horizon are further steps towards the dissolution of the EU, or the European project."

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