Dean's Student Advisory Council

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The College of Arts & Sciences Dean's Student Advisory Council is a body of A&S students who work closely with the dean and various administrators to tackle college-specific issues/concerns and develop solutions to make an impact within the college. The council exists to bridge the relationship between the dean and the A&S students by being a community where student and administration perspectives are shared, and projects to improve the college are developed as a result of the two-way communication. 

Current Members (Spring 2018):

  • Nathan Weierich, '18, ncw38, Government and Music
  • Laurence Minter, ‘21, lsm223, Sociology
  • (Olivia) Yeling Wang, ‘19, yw857, Psychology
  • Tyler Mandelbaum, ‘21, tm528, Undecided
  • Vivian Fan, ‘20, vcf3, Undeclared
  • Robert Sanchez, '21, rs983, Sociology and English
  • Mary Grace Hager, '19, mmh256, Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Sabrina Tao, ‘18, xt33, Economics, Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Vegen Soopramanien, '20, vs385, Mathematics and Statistical Science
  • George Finnerty, ‘18, gff27, Government
  • Adalix Siri, ‘20, as2772, Economics
  • Samuel Barnett, '19, sjb352, College Scholar
  • Larisa Jiao, '20, lj262, Economics
  • Isaac Lello-Smith, '18, idl8, Political Ecology [Independent Major]
  • Gauri Misra, '19, gm394, Biological Sciences
  • Brianna Barrett, ‘18, bb539, Government and Africana Studies
  • Eunice Yiu, '20, ey242, Biology and Psychology
  • Rashmi Rao, '20, rr565, Chemistry
  • Lauren Rutzen, ‘20, lir9, Government
Undergraduate students