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  • What Makes us Human?

    Introducing a new podcast and essay series from the College of Arts & Sciences, that showcases Cornell’s newest conclusions about what it means to be human in the twenty-first century.

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  • The College Welcomes New Faculty

    Fourteen new faculty members join the College of Arts & Sciences this year, bringing a wide range of expertise across diverse disciplines to strengthen our research profile and continue our tradition of collaboration, innovation and discovery.

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  • Computational Social Science

    The explosion of social and behavioral data available in the 21st century has created huge opportunities to study human behavior and social interaction and has fueled the collaborative, interdisciplinary new field of computational social science.

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  • Freedom Interrupted: Race, Gender, Nation and Policing

    This campus-wide, year-long collaboration among interdisciplinary programs across Cornell examines race and policing in America.

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Its finally starting to feel like fall! Are you enjoying the colder weather at Cornell? #cornellcas