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College of Arts and Sciences

Tianyi Zhang

Class of 2020

 Tianyi Zhang

Hometown: Beijing, China

What is your College Scholar project?
I name my project Intelligence Science because I am interested both in human intelligence and artificial intelligence, trying to understand how the mind works. I am currently undecided on the specific topic I will explore in my final thesis. That being said, I have decided on the research approach. I want to study the mind by treating it as a computer. My current project is one example of adopting a computational approach to study the mind. I work with Professor Shimon Edelman to build an agent-based dialogic model to study temporal dynamics of human conversations. Although it may sound terrifying, it is about the most normal conversations in our life. We want to model facts like that no one speaks fluent English, that you actually know when I am going to stop talking, and that silence means a lot. 

Have you attended any interesting summer internships or programs?
In the summer of 2017, I interned with Sequoia Capital China. Sequoia Captial China is venture capital interested in TMT, Consumer, CleanTech, and Health Tech. It is a great opportunity that I got exposed to many different industries. I have done research not only on supermarkets, vending machines but also on social apps, study tools. Moreover, I had the chance to look at the coolest technologies, including adaptive learning, brain-computer interface, etc. 

What do you dream of doing after graduation?
I have no idea! I don't want to have a definite goal for my future just now...