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2017 Research Proposals:

  • Nadège Aoki, Biological Sciences, "A kinematic description of locomotion in a polychaete worm family (Tomopteridae)"
  • Hadiyah Chowdhury, Feminist, Gender and Sexuality Studies/Anthropology, "The State of Sexual Health Education in Upstate New York"
  • Meghan Hadley, College Scholar, "Health in the U.S. at the Intersection of Politics, Economics, and Culture"
  • Kattapuram, Meera, Biological Sciences, "Micronutrients and Acute Febrile Illnesses in Coastal Ecuador"
  • Lombardo, Christopher, English/Physics, "The Trauma of Choice: Shared Responsibility and Altruism in Videogrames"
  • Mehdi, Zain, Biology/English, "Effect of miRNA-Containing MBVs on Cancer Cell Proliferation"
  • Nandi, Shreya, Biological Sciences, "BPA and you: Influence of Environmental Endocrine Disruptors on Reproductive Neuroendocrine Pathways in Zebrafish"
  • Pisharody, Vivek, Mathematics/Physics, "Modern mathematics in theoretical physics"
  • Xia, June, Biological Sciences, "Evaulating the Effects of Bile Acids on Steroidogenesis and Reproductive Success of Dairy Cows"
  • Zheng, Kaiwen, Physics, "An Investigation of the Magnetic Sensitivities of Transition Edge Sensors"

2016 Research Proposals:

  • Elaine Fletcher, Chemistry, "An Investigation of Serum Biomarkers as Potential Diagnostic Tools in Rheumatoid Arthritis-Associated Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (RA-COPD)"
  • Joseph Fridman, College Scholar, "Towards a Normal Psychology: Investigating Explanatory Paradigms in the Cognitive Sciences"
  • Ellen Hong, Biological Sciences, "Identifying Novel HUS1 Interactors That Play a Role in Genome Maintenance" 
  • Sofia Hu, College Scholar & Biological Sciences & Philosophy, "Imaging Neural Activity in the Spinal Cord of Awake Mice"
  • Jeanne Powell, Biological Sciences & Psychology, "The Influence of Parental Phenotype on Juvenile Dispersal Syndromes in Microtus ochrogaster"
  • Jacob Wang, English, "Mediation and History in the Poetry of Hart Crane"

2015 Research Proposals:

  • Erin Barlow, English & Biology, "The Effects of Calcium Concentration and Temperature on Fictive Locomotion in Mice"
  • Solomon Maina, Math & Computer Science, "Computational Problem Solving Through Mathematical Abstraction"
  • Andrew Reker, History, "In Search of Aztlan: An Investigation of the Origins of the Nahua Migrations"
  • James Senter, Computer Science, "Nano Empire: A Text-Based Strategy Game"
  • Bingyan Shi, Biology, "The Role of Acetylcholine in Mediating Spatial Attention Shifts in Humans: A Behavioral, Electroencephalography, and Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study"
  • Grigoriy Tabak, Physics & Math, "Dynamical Stability of Exoplanetary Systems"
  • James Toomey, Government & English, "The Social City of Dublin and James Joyce's Ulysses"
  • Linda Wang, Biology, "Exploring the Role of Inhibition by Unfair Competition in the Interaction Between PP1-GADD34 and phosphorylated inhibitor-1"
  • Colleen Weatherwax, Math, "Modeling Atlantic Ocean Circulation"

2014 Research Proposals:

  • Dominique Hellmich, "Effects of perceived predation risk on lay-date advancement in response to spring temperature in a migratory songbird."
  • Bryan Merte, "An investigation into the consequences of suppressed LDLR expression in knockout LDR-1 mice."
  • Alex Polino, "The role of AMPK in reovirus infection."
  • Airlia Shaffer-Moag, "Optomechanical studies of graphene."
  • Tina Su, "Role of a monothiol bacilliredoxin BrxC (YtxJ) in re-activation of S-bascillithiolated proteins in Bacillus subtilis."
  • Swati Sureka, "DNA birdnests: A novel genetic & generic material."
  • Aaron Wallace, "RB-Raf-1 interaction during retinoic acid-induced differentiation of human promyelocytic leukemia."
  • Christina Zhang, "Agency, autonomy, and lying."

2013 Research Proposals:

  • Will Feldhusen, "An Investigation into the Effects of New Math Reforms on Mathematicians and Educators"
  • Abby Golub, "Artisan Bread and Community in Vermont"
  • Chantal Hoff, "Infant Perceptions of Language Constructions"
  • Seth Inman, "Experiencing Icelandic Wilderness: How Explorers Perceived the Land of Ice and Fire from 1700-1900"
  • Ben Lillard, "Mathematics of 4-Dimensional Solids"
  • Brenna McGuire, "Social and Attentional Mechanisms of Word Learning"
  • Sarah Parauda, "An Analysis of Emotional Behaviors in Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury"
  • David Sadoff, "The Transformation of Eugenics: Hereditarian Thought after 1945"
  • Yoshiko Toyoda, "Changes in the Efficacy of the Influenza Virus from the 15th Century to Today"