Suk Chun Kwak

Class of 2011

Hometown: Seoul, Korea

What was your College Scholar project?
I took a variety of courses from NES, history, anthropology, government, and comparative literature. The flexibility of the College Scholar Program alsp enabled me to do a study abroad for a year in Jordan without having to worry about graduation requirements. I ended up writing a thesis titled "The Language of Perfume," in which I discussed the way people describe perfumes and smells. The thesis incorporated things I learned from many of the courses I took.

What are you doing now?
I did a 3-year stint as a naval officer with the Republic of Korea Navy right after graduation. During my service, I wad deployed to Abu Dhabi for 12 months, and it gave me the opportunity to put my Arabic, which I began studying at Cornell, to good use. After that, I started Harvard Law School in fall of last year.

How do you think your experience as a College Scholar has shaped your life or your career? Are there ways that you have applied the skills/knowledge/life lessons you learned as a College Scholar throughout your life?
The freedom of the program enabled me to try many things that I might not have done otherwise. Although I'm now on track to becoming a lawyer, I try to keep my mind open and dabble in many things along the way. This is an attitude I learned as a College Scholar.