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Student Services Updates for the Fall '20 Semester

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Student Services Office Operations for Fall 2020

  • The Student Services  and Admissions office will be operating remotely in the fall. It will be closed to in-person consultations and visitors through the Fall 2020 semester.
  • For registrar enquiries: Please refer students to and email us with all inquiries at
  • For academic advising enquiries:  please refer students to to make an appointment with their advising dean OR attend drop-in hours that will be held every day of the week (schedule of hours is also provided on this page) starting on Monday, August 24th and running all semester.
  • For career development enquiries: please refer students to to make an appointment with a career development counselor OR attend drop-in hours that will be held every day of the week (schedule of hours is also provided on this page) starting on Monday, August 24th and running all semester.

Fall 2020 Pre-enrollment Period

  • There will be two rounds of pre-enrollment, with round 1 being limited to 6 credits.  In round 2 students can enroll in up to the college maximum.
  • Pre-enrollment will start on Wednesday, August 26th and go until Tuesday September 1st.  The regular add/drop period begins on Wednesday, September 2nd (first day of classes).
  • Please see the Guide to Fall Enrollment at for details and enrollment dates/times. 

Fall 2020 Enrollment Dates and Deadlines

Time Conflicts

  • If a student has a time conflict that prevents them from adding a class they may submit a time conflict form available at
  • For Fall ’20, time conflicts involving an in-person class will not be allowed. 
  • Time conflicts are only approved if the instructors of both courses give their approval. Instructor approval is indicated by either signing the pdf form or by email confirmation (which the student submits with the form). Some departments will not approve any time conflicts. 
  • The college will start accepting time conflict requests on Sept. 2nd after pre-enrollment is complete.


Enrollment Credit Limits for A&S students 

  • The university has strongly recommended that all students limit their enrollment this fall to 18 academic credits to allow for a successful completion of the fall term and to reduce stress. Please see
  • However, A&S students who wish to enroll in more than 18 credits will not need to formally petition and won’t be blocked from enrolling in up to 22 total credits (or 18 credits maximum for students on warning or probation).  Any enrollments over 22 will need to be petitioned (over 18 for students on warning/probation).
  • New for Fall 2020: the maximum credit limit for entering first-year students has been changed from 18 to 22 total credits, although it is strongly recommended not to go above 18.
  • For Fall 2020, petitions for more than 22 credits will only be approved in the case of extraordinary extenuating circumstances (i.e. seniors who can show they require the overhours enrollment for graduation).

Online Petition System for A&S Students.

New College Residency Requirement

  • Last year the A&S College approved a new and more flexible residency policy that goes into effect this Fall 2020.  Students will now have the option to graduate in fewer than 8 terms without meeting acceleration criteria—see the Residency Policy in full.
  • May 2021 expected graduates wishing to graduate early in December 2020 can notify us at

New Distribution Requirements for Fall 2020 Entering Students

  • The College has rolled out new distribution requirements for the entering class of Fall 2020.  Students who matriculated in Spring 2020 and before will continue to follow the current distribution requirements.
  • Please see Graduation Requirements for more information.

Dean’s List for the 2020-2021 Academic Year

  • You may view the Dean’s List criteria for this year at
  • Students need to be enrolled in at least 15 letter graded credits to be eligible for the Dean’s List.