A&S Student Funding Opportunities

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The following grants and fellowships provide funding opportunities for students in the College of Arts & Sciences or within specific majors within the College.

Research Funding

Numerous grants and awards are available for undergraduate and graduate research. Many undergraduate opportunities are listed on the College of Arts & Sciences' research website

Many departments and programs offer their own research awards. Check out the department websites or contact the directors of undergraduate studies in the department where you would like to study.

Ethics & Public Life Program

Through the generosity of friends of Robert S. Hatfield '37, the Program on Ethics and Public Life grants The Hatfield Award for the Study of Ethics in Business to support research and study of ethics in business conducted by Cornell undergraduate students. graduate students and faculty. Contact epl@cornell.edu for more information. 

Travel Grants

A&S Career Connections Winter Event Travel Funding

Through the Professional Development Fund, A&S Career Development provides funding to support or supplement the career development needs of undergraduate students with financial need. We will be providing funding for students to attend A&S Career Connections Networking Events in early January 2019. These events are co-hosted by the A&S Careeer Connections Committee (ASCCC). Find more information on the ASCCC Winter Event page

Asian Studies

The department offers Asian Studies Summer Study, Research, and Service Travel Grants from the Yasuko Nakanishi-Whitman Memorial Gift Fund for Japanese Language Studies and the Irene M. Anderson Summer Travel Scholarship for culture study and experience in East Asia. For more information, visit the Asian Studies website.

China-Asian Pacific Studies (CAPS)

CAPS subsidizes travel for undergraduate students attending the mandatory semester in Beijing at Peking University. Find more information on the CAPS website.


The classics department offers a grant application/competition for students who want to study Latin and Greek through the Paideia Institute in their Living Latin and Greek programs abroad (as well as Latin/Greek programs here in the U.S.) funded by the Beatrice R.Kanders Memorial Scholarship account. The department offer funds up to $6,000 to cover the cost of tuition, housing, site visits, course materials and travel to/from program destinations.

Comparative Literature

Comparative literature majors can apply for the Edgar Rosenberg Travel Grant for language study outside of the United States. Students with an expected graduation date of December 2018 or later are eligible to apply and may request funding to study any foreign language at any level. The application deadline is March 31. Students should complete the application cover sheet for the Edgar Rosenberg Travel Grant and submit it with an application and faculty support letter. Questions can be directed to complit@cornell.edu.


The Department of Government offers funds for student travel.  Undergraduates writing an honors thesis can request funds to help pay for research related to their thesis. At the graduate level, the government department provides supplemental summer funding, which might cover international travel. They also have conference grants to cover the costs of attending and presenting at a conference. For more information, contact the directors or undergraduate or graduate studies.

NYRC Travel Funding

Through the Professional Development Fund, A&S Career Development provides funding to support or supplement the career development needs of undergraduate students with financial need. We will be providing funding for students to attend interviews at the New York Recruiting Consortium on January 11, 2019. Find more information on the New York Recruiting Consortium Funding page.


The department offers three travel grants: The Stirling A. Colgate Award supports enhanced excellence in physics/ astrophysics, including, but not limited to, annual awards to an undergraduate general physics student for travel assistance, staff assistance, scientific equipment, lectures and similar projects. The Albert Silverman Memorial Award supports travel by graduate students in high energy physics. The Douglas Fitchen Memorial Award supports student travel abroad to study, pursue research, or participate in international physics-related events held outside the United States. For more information, contact the directors of undergraduate or graduate studies.

Romance Studies

Romance Studies provides two Madrid Travel Awards each year to students attending the Summer Program in Madrid. Find out more about the program at the School for Continuing Education website.

Ruth Bierman Linnick '60 Memorial Travel Fund

Thanks to a generous support from the family and friends of Ruth Bierman Linnick '60, this grant provides funding to female Arts & Sciences undergraduate students with demonstrated financial need who wish to travel for pleasure, adventure and exploration over the summer or winter break. The fund is not to be used to support students travelling as part of a study abroad program, internships, research projects, conferences or any other academic or career focused endeavor. The grant is available to all female undergraduates with the exception of first-year students and second semester seniors. A grant of up to $2,000 will be awarded for travel during the summer of 2019. The application deadline is March 15, 2019. Applications will be available February 1 of that year.

Society for the Humanities

Thanks to a generous grant from the Andrew W.Mellon Foundation, the Society for the Humanities offers the Timothy Murray Graduate Travel Grants each year. Grants up to $1,000 are awarded to post-A exam graduate students whose primary field of study is in the humanities. 

The Harry Caplan Travel Fellowships

The College of Arts & Sciences offers two Harry Caplan Travel Fellowships of $4,000 for summer travel to Europe or the Near East. These awards are for juniors who have serious and developed interest in some aspect of the subjects Harry Caplan loved: ancient Greek and Latin cultures; medieval Latin literature, especially drama; ancient Jewish culture; and rhetoric.

Interested juniors apply by submitting a short essay describing how they plan to take advantage of the fellowship and demonstrating appropriate background for the project. A committee of the college will select the winners based on both the short essay and scholarly performance. Submit applications to Linda Brown at lmb296@cornell.edu. For additional information contact assistant professor Courtney Roby, croby@cornell.edu, G29 Goldwin Smith Hall.

Student Assembly Summer Experience Grant

While many internships are paid, others, such as government and political groups, media companies and nonprofits, are not. And often students identify volunteer opportunities around the world that require some money for travel and living expenses.

The Student Assembly Summer Experience Grant (SASEG) is designed to aid students to complete summer unpaid or minimally paid career-related experiences.

Find out more about the grants.