Slater Goodman

Class of 2018

Hometown: San Juan Capistrano, Calif.

What is your College Scholar project?
My College Scholar project focuses on analyzing Australian history and culture through the lens of literature and cultural productions. By using film, art, music, and written works I aim to garner a deeper understanding of how the Australian identity has transformed from convict colony to a nation of rugged bushrangers to a key player in the international economy and community. The year that I spent in Australia following high school has had a strong impact in shaping this course of study as have several classes that I've taken at Cornell. Writing 1420: Introduction to Research and Rhetoric, History 2782: Film and US Foreign Policy, and English 3710: Literature of the Outlaw have each had a profound impact on how I approach and analyze history and literature and have helped me think more clearly about my own academic interests.

What are your most important extra-curricular activities?
As a member of the Men's Varsity Swimming team I have been fortunate to experience the joy and pride that college athletics provide. Many of my closest friends are on the swim team; I have been a part of this community since before I stepped on campus freshman year. I was also an Orientation Leader this year and plan to continue volunteering for orientation roles for the duration of my time at Cornell. To me O-Week is the best time of the year and I take a lot of pride in being able to positively impact someone's first week at Cornell and hopefully set the tone for a great four years.      

What do you dream of doing after graduation?
My dream would be to continue my history and literature studies in a PhD program. I hope to pursue a career in academia.