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College of Arts and Sciences

Sarah Skrutskie

Class of 2020

 Sarah Skrutskie

What is your College Scholar project?
My project focuses on the intersection between image and story. When we give stories a visual dimension, whether on the pages of a graphic novel or on the big screen, it is no longer the words alone that convey meaning. I am fascinated by how the designs of characters, environments, creatures, and even props all serve to illustrate and develop the abstract thematic concepts that define the narrative. To explore this relationship I am pursuing a course of study which includes classes in Art, Design, and Performing and Media Arts. The Art classes are for practical training in image making, the Design classes for theory and criticism of what makes an image effective, and the Performing and Media Arts classes for the application of the former two to design for stories.

What are your most important extra-curricular activities?
Working as a costume shop assistant in the Schwartz Center theater has been hugely rewarding since it has been a way for me to get hands on experience in creating the look of a narrative. I am also involved in the Cornell Computer Animation Club, through which I have been learning how to use animation software, and the Cornell Astronomical Society.

Talk about any summer internships or programs you’ve attended?
None so far, but I have applied to the Cornell in Hollywood program in the hopes of getting an internship at a production company this summer. Usually, summer is a time for me to focus more intensely on improving my drawing ability.

What do you dream of doing after graduation?
My goal is to pursue a career in conceptual design for film, television, or even video games. I'm especially interested in visual development for animated films, with a focus on character design.