Pre-Health Recommendations

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Pre-med, pre-dental, or pre-vet?

If you are a pre-health (pre-med, pre-dental, pre-vet) student, remember that no specific major is required or recommended for health careers. Cornell does not have a "pre-med" major; health careers professional schools require or recommend specific Cornell course sequences(See also the section on Choosing Courses in Science and Math.)  

Pre-health students may of course decide to pursue the Biology major, but they may also decide on any other major in the college while still preparing for graduate school.

Students interested in health careers are encouraged to consult the Health Career Advising page.

If you are a pre-health student and your intended major is Biology, follow the Biology Department's recommendations when planning your first-year courses.

(Please note that pre-health students who were external transfers to Arts & Sciences must provide copies of both their Cornell transcript and the transcript from the external institution when applying to medical school.)

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