Physical Education

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Everyone must pass two Physical Education (PE) courses to get a Cornell degree, so taking one in your first semester here and one in your second is a great idea. Many students take more than two PE courses! You must also pass a swim test, which you should try to do during your first semester. If you can't pass the swim test, then your first PE course must be beginning swimming.

The PE department offers more than 100 different courses from which to choose. However, PE courses are NOT academic credits and therefore don't count toward the minimum of 12 academic credits required for good standing. Don't be fooled!

Swim Test

Check here for the most up-to-date information on swim tests scheduled for the upcoming semester.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I add a PE course to my schedule?

Physical Education courses can be added during pre-enrollment, at the same time that you add any other courses to your schedule.

Do varsity athletes need to fulfill the PE requirement?

Participation in a varsity sport can fulfill the PE requirement. Consult your coach for details.