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College of Arts and Sciences

Peter Glass

Class of 2020

 Peter Glass

Hometown: Mercer Island, WA

Peter is a senior from Seattle, Washington. For his College Scholar Project, Peter has been studying nationalism and ethnic conflict on a global scale, focusing on the roots of nationalist conflict and why nationalism persists and becomes popular in modern nation states.

For his senior honors thesis, Peter is researching the 1923 Greece-Turkey population exchange and the 1974 division of Cyprus. He is examining these cases to understand how the national identities imposed by national and international decision-makers trickled down to the people affected by these conflicts and why certain identities won out over others.

Outside of school, Peter has had a long standing interest in international affairs and modern political problems related to nationalism. He has spent his summers interning with the State Department in Nicosia, Cyprus and doing research on the axis of energy access and conflict for the non-profit Energy Peace Partners. In the future, he hopes to continue working in international affairs.