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Image of Daniel A. Barbash
Molecular Biology and Genetics
Image of Dana Bardolph

Dana Bardolph

Hirsch Postdoctoral Associate

Archaeology Program, Anthropology
Image of Matthew Baron

Matthew Baron

Assistant Professor

Sage Hall, Room 401J
Image of Catherine Barrera

Catherine Barrera

Assistant Professor

Image of Chris Barrett

Chris Barrett

Stephen B. & Janice G. Ashley Professor of Applied Economics and Management

Warren Hall, Room 340D
Image of Caitlín Eilís Barrett

Caitlín Eilís Barrett

Associate Professor

Goldwin Smith Hall, Room G23
Anthropology, Archaeology Program, Classics, Jewish Studies Program, Near Eastern Studies, Religious Studies Program
Image of Tricia Barry

Tricia Barry

Director of Communications

  • Strategic communications
  • Leadership communications
  • Issues and crisis management
  • Team management
  • Marketing & brand management
  • Special projects
  • Communications consultant to department chairs and managers
  • Fundamental research and liberal arts cheerleader
University Ave, 726, A&S, Room 211
Image of Levon Barseghyan

Levon Barseghyan

Robert Julius Thorne Professor of Economics

Uris Hall, Room 456
Image of Buz Barstow

Buz Barstow

Assistant Professor, Biological & Environmental Engr

Riley-Robb Hall, Room 228
Carl Sagan Institute
Image of Estela Bartol-Martín

Estela Bartol-Martín

Lecturer of Spanish Language

Romance Studies
Image of D. Mitra Barua

D. Mitra Barua

Postdoctoral Fellow

Religious Studies Program
Image of John Barwick
Religious Studies Program, History
Image of Panle J. Barwick
Uris Hall, Room 448
Image of Biplab Basak

Biplab Basak

Visiting Scholar, SERB Indo-US Postdoctoral Fellow

Image of Jeremy M. Baskin

Jeremy M. Baskin

Assistant Professor

Weill Hall, Room 461
Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Image of Daniel Bass

Daniel Bass

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Uris Hall, Room 170D
Anthropology, Asian Studies
Image of Andrew Bass

Andrew Bass

Horace White Professor of Neurobiology and Behavior, Arts & Sciences Senior Associate Dean for Math & Science

Seeley G Mudd Bio Science Wing, Room W239
Neurobiology and Behavior
Image of Ernesto Bassi Arevalo

Ernesto Bassi Arevalo

Associate Professor

Mcgraw Hall, Room 323
Africana Studies and Research Center, History, Romance Studies