Steve Bennoun

Active Learning Lecturer

Research Focus

mathematics education research, discipline-based education research, university teaching; (weak) Hopf algebras, representation theory, category theory

My research is divided into three big parts:

  • assessing the impact of the new teaching methods introduced in the calculus courses (i.e. impact of the curriculum revision), both in terms of student learning and instructors' practices,
  • evaluating the efficiency of teaching methods on students' learning (e.g. the use of learning objectives by the students and teachers, group work, the use of post-exam reflections surveys) and what makes them beneficial for the students,
  • in math I study weak Hopf algebras (which are generalizations of Hopf algebras) and their representations. I am interested in understanding the structure of these objects as well as the link between weak Hopf algebras and fusion categories.


Weak Bialgebras of Fractions (with H. Peiffer), J. Algebra  385 (2013): 145-163.

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