Pathways Internship Program (PIP)

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What is PIP?

PIP is a guaranteed career-related experience for the summer after your sophomore year! Application opens in April; see eligibility requirements below.

The College of Arts & Sciences Pathways Internship Program provides funding for students to pursue a career-related experience of their choice during the summer after their sophomore year. Selected students will work closely with the Arts & Sciences Career Development Center during the 2018-2019 school year to ensure they find an appropriate career-related experience. In return, Arts & Sciences will cover the student’s Summer Savings Expectation and will offer an additional grant up to $8000 to mitigate any financial hardship associated with unpaid or underpaid experiences. 


To be eligible for the Pathways Internship Program:

  • Students must currently be enrolled and working towards their bachelor’s degree at Cornell.  Students on a leave of absence are not eligible; you must be enrolled in a degree-granting program at Cornell.
  • Students must also be returning to complete at least three full-time semesters of coursework towards their bachelor’s degree at Cornell.  

Common items that ARE INCLUDED in Pathways Internship Program funding:

  • Travel to and from experience location at the beginning and end of the summer
  • Living expenses if living away from home, such as rent and groceries
  • Commute to/from experience site: public transportation/automobile gas
  • Professional attire or uniform if that is expected for the experience
  • Summer Savings Expectation for financial aid

Expenses NOT covered by the Pathways Internship Program include (but are not limited to):

  • The purchase of a vehicle
  • Clothing other than a required uniform or professional attire
  • Test prep courses (LSAT, GRE, etc.)
  • Insurance
  • Personal travel
  • Entertainment

Students who pursue the following experiences will NOT be eligible for Pathways Internship Program funding:

  • Fee based programs: any program that charges tuition or a fee. If you go through a company that finds you an internship for a fee, or you are doing an internship through a program that charges tuition, it is ineligible.
  • Cornell in Washington, Practicing Medicine, Public Health minor programs, or any other college-based program charging tuition/program fees (at Cornell or any other university)
  • Personal research projects
  • Personal entrepreneurial ventures
  • Taking classes, at Cornell or elsewhere
  • Returning to a previous research lab or internship experience

Selection of Candidates

The Selection Committee will evaluate applications based on the following factors:

  • First generation, first-year student status
  • Quality of proposal
  • Benefit to student
  • Financial need

Important Dates (2018)

April 23, 2018: Applications Due

May 7, 2018: Students notified

August 23, 2018 at 4:35pm: First PIP Group Meeting

Examples of Pathways Internship Program Requirements (subject to change)

  • Complete application, including essays and release of financial aid information
  • Attend 2 large group Guaranteed Internship Program meetings (August and April)
  • Meet monthly with your career counselor, minimum of 8 meetings
  • Visit one career fair
  • Bring your resume draft to Career Development to be reviewed
  • Participate in a mock interview
  • Attend 2 Career Services programs of your choice
  • Conduct 2 informational interviews or shadowing opportunities
  • Create a LinkedIn profile and make at least 50 connections
  • Complete the On Campus Recruiting tutorial for Handshake
  • Identify at least 20 organizations of interest
  • Complete at least 10 internship applications
  • Complete and submit a summer budget
  • Complete and submit a summer reflection journal


Contact A&S Career Development at with questions about this program, or set up an appointment with Ana Adinolfi.