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 outline of two slaves carrying bundles
Teaching Hard History with Freedom on the Move
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 City skyline, sunny day
China announced it was preparing to enact a controversial national security law for Hong Kong, bypassing the territory’s own legislative process.
China's national security law: For Xi, Hong Kong no different than Tibet, Xinjiang
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 Tank on city street, black and white image
Hyman Josefson, top left, in his M8 Greyhound armored vehicle as it passes through the streets of Petange, Luxembourg, on Sept. 9, 1944. Provided by Petange, Luxembourg
Alum, WWII hero to be celebrated on Memorial Day
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 Five students in a circle with a teacher looking on
Michelle Smith, associate professor of ecology and evolutionary biology, observes her students in a hands-on activity in her evolution course. Lindsay France/Cornell University
New study informing efforts to improve STEM retention
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 Person reaching up at the base of a large tree
Aparajita Majumdar, history doctoral student, at the foot of a Ficus elastica tree in Meghalaya, India.
Einaudi-funded Ph.D. students think globally, act remotely
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 Hand holding a smart phone
Contact tracing apps face significant obstacles
New Apple iOS supports contact tracing — but is meaningless without government adoption
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 students playing violin
The Cornell Orchestra during a Bailey Hall concert
Orchestra students mentor young musicians remotely
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 Amnon Ortoll-Bloch
Amnon Ortoll-Bloch
Student Spotlight: Amnon Ortoll-Bloch
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 Three students holding camaras, colorful background
From left, Natalia Gulick ’21, Isaac de Castro ’21 and Nina Koscica ’21 enjoy the gym at LifeLab Kids' Ferndale, Michigan campus. They are leading a team of Cornell student architects to develop a sensory playground and a space redesign
Online showcase celebrates students’ community engagement
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 Earth-like planet divided into stripes
In this artistic rendering, different kinds of suns are shown as they interact with various Earth-like surfaces in distant solar systems. The combinations create an array of climates. Jack Madden/Cornell
Astronomers develop ‘decoder’ to gauge exoplanet climate
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