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Benjamin Dozier


New Faculty: Benjamin Dozier

Benjamin Dozier, Mathematics
Elizabeth Ogonek


New Faculty: Elizabeth Ogonek

Elizabeth Ogonek, Music
Peidong Sun


New Faculty: Peidong Sun

Peidong Sun, History
Abigail Crites


New Faculty: Abigail Crites

Abigail Crites, Physics
Tamika Nunley


New Faculty: Tamika Nunley

Tamika Nunley, History
David Shoemaker


New Faculty: David Shoemaker

David Shoemaker, Philosophy
Liliana Colanzi


New Faculty: Liliana Colanzi

Liliana Colanzi, Romance Studies
Suraj Malladi


New Faculty: Suraj Malladi

Suraj Malladi, Economics
Ben Sandkam


New Faculty: Ben Sandkam

Ben Sandkam, Neurobiology and Behavior
Jodi Byrd


New Faculty: Jodi Byrd

Jodi Byrd, Associate Professor, Literatures in English


The College Years of Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, a Founder of Queer Theory

The advent of queer theory “caused a shock wave which has affected all intellectual disciplines,” as Didier Eribon, a leading French intellectual, once said. A look back at the undergraduate years of Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, ‘71, a founder of queer theory, reveals a unique glimpse of where that shock wave first began.

Graphic of lock and digital code


‘Mild’ Russian sanctions signal need for de-escalation

On Thursday, the Biden administration announced economic sanctions on Russia in retaliation for alleged election interference and cyberattacks. Nicholas Mulder, assistant professor of history, says the new sanctions are "signals, rather than immediate increases in pressure."
Chen Qiu


New Faculty: Chen Qiu

Chen Qiu, Economics
City street crowded with scooters, signs and people walking


Ukraine invasion heightens anxiety in Taiwan

A U.S. delegation arrived in Taiwan to show support for the nation this week. Allen Carlson, associate professor of government and an expert on China, says Taiwan was on edge even before Russian President Vladimir Putin began his assault on Ukraine.
Xinzhu (April) Wei


New Faculty: Xinzhu (April) Wei

Xinzhu Wei, Computational Biology


Flores-Macías studies Colombian security tax on country's elite

Gustavo Flores-Macias, professor of government, has studied the Colombian security tax, a levy on the economically elite that finances public safety.
Growing up in Latin America at a time of drastic economic reforms wasn’t easy, says Gustavo Flores-Macías.

Those reforms included privatization, trade and financial liberalization, and the elimination or reduction of government subsidies, all of which carried what Flores-Macías refers to as “distributive consequences.”

Antonio Fernandez Ruiz


New Faculty: Antonio Fernandez Ruiz

Antoni Fernandez Ruiz, Neurobiology and Behavior
Collage of 2021 New Faculty


The College Welcomes New Faculty for 2021-22

Despite pandemic challenges, the College of Arts & Sciences expanded its faculty with 17 new hires this year, bringing exciting new ideas into wide-ranging fields, including moral psychology, Indigenous studies, cosmology, genetics and African American literature.
Azahara Oliva


New Faculty: Azahara Oliva

Azahara Oliva, Neurobiology and Behavior
Britney Schmidt


New Faculty: Britney Schmidt

Britney Schmidt, Astronomy