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Under Saturnian moon's icy crust lies a 'global' ocean

The Cassini-Huygens mission could lead to more discoveries in the search for Earth 2.0.

 A large sun shines behind a red planet and a smaller black planet in space


Astronomers bring a new hope to find 'Tatooine' planets

Sibling suns – made famous in the “Star Wars” scene where Luke Skywalker gazes toward a double sunset – and the planets around them may be more common than we’ve thought, and Cornell astronomers are presenting new ideas on how to find them.


Astronomers create array of Earth-like planet models

To sort out the biological intricacies of Earth-like planets, astronomers have developed computer models that examine how ultraviolet radiation from other planets’ nearby suns may affect those worlds, according to new research published June 10 in Astrophysical Journal.


Colorful life-form catalog helps discern if we’re alone

While looking for life on planets beyond our own solar system, a group of international scientists has created a colorful catalog containing reflection signatures of Earth life forms that might be found on planet surfaces throughout the cosmic hinterlands. The new database and research, published in the March 16 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), gives humans a better chance to learn if we are not alone.