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 Michael Stillman


Stillman receives Jenks Prize for developing influential algebra software

Michael Stillman, professor of mathematics in the College of Arts and Sciences, has received the 2019 Richard D. Jenks Memorial Prize for “excellence in software engineering applied to computer algebra” for his work on the Macaulay and Macaulay2 computer algebra systems.

 Glass and metal building up close, view of the sky


Tudorita Tumbar receives Humboldt Research Award

Tudorita Tumbar, professor of molecular biology and genetics in the College of Arts and Sciences, has received a Humboldt Research Award “for outstanding academics at the peak of their careers” to pursue a promising collaboration with researchers in Germany.
 Woman wearing protective lab gear


Gender gaps in STEM college majors emerge in high school

Gender differences in plans emerge very early in students’ academic careers, “even among students who do well in math and science and have similar orientation to work and family.”
 Small American flag backed by sunset


American Democracy Collaborative launches webinar series

Scholars will examine the state of democracy in the United States today in the webinars, which will continue regularly through the 2020 election.
 N’Dri Thérèse Assié-Lumumba


Professor joins UNESCO forum on world after COVID-19

COVID-19 may help us “think of a new turning point” in overturning established power structures and compelling people to reconsider borders, N’Dri Thérèse Assié-Lumumba, professor of Africana studies in the College of Arts and Sciences, said May 13 during a United Nations online forum.

 Naminata Diabate


Teaching awards honor Arts & Sciences faculty, graduate students

“Our instructors have shown extraordinary dedication and leadership this year, teaching, advising and inspiring our students despite unprecedented challenges.”
 Hand holding a red sticker that says I Voted


Cornell experts probe threats to democracy from COVID-19

Democracy is facing challenges all over the world and has been for a long time – long before COVID-19 added another layer of complication.

 Instructor talks with a student in a lectur hall


Study finds gender differences in active learning classrooms

Men participated more in an active learning course in science, technology, engineering and math, while women reported lower perceptions of their scientific abilities, were more aware of gender identity and more likely to feel judged based on gender, a new Cornell-led study has found.

 Green clumps suspended in a dark blue mass


'Terminator' protein halts cancer-causing cellular processes

Essential processes in mammalian cells are controlled by proteins called transcription factors. For example, the transcription factor HIF-1 is triggered by a low-oxygen situation to cause the cell to adapt to decreased oxygen.

Transcription factors operate in healthy cells, but cancer cells can co-opt transcription factors such as HIF-1 into promoting tumor growth.

 Student working with lab equipment


Study uncovers gender roles in physics lab courses

Researchers examined gender roles in undergraduate physics lab classes as a step toward removing systematic gender biases in the field.
 Woman sitting across from two interviewers


Women told more white lies in evaluations than men: study

So-called “white lies” – telling a spouse you like their sub-par cooking, or praising a friend’s unflattering haircut – serve a purpose. But they can cause problems in the workplace, where honest feedback, even when it’s negative, is important.

 Two people sit on a stage casually


Album from A&S couple captures present moment

Fitz Gibbon and McCullough have been working together since 2006 and gave their first duo recital in 2009.
 Computer screen showing four people


Panel: Coordination is key to a world beyond COVID-19

Cornell thought leaders discussed the balance between public health and economic health, and the role government plays in finding a path forward during this worldwide crisis.
 Movie poster: person sits crossed legged with band playing behind


Asian American communities strengthen ties while apart

Before the Ithaca campus closed in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic, members of Cornell’s Asian American community enjoyed strong connections to each other.

 Stephen Hilgartner


Hilgartner to study global COVID-19 policies with NSF grant

The project aims to shed light on the relationship between expertise, trust and policymaking during the crisis.
 Blue book cover: Artful History


‘Artful History’ makes a case for good academic writing

Aaron Sachs, professor of history in the College of Arts and Sciences, nearly dropped out of graduate school because he found the assigned reading lifeless.

 Three musicians perform on a stage


Cornell Concert Series works to keep the music playing

Social distancing measures to stop the spread of COVID-19 canceled the last two shows of the spring 2020 Cornell Concert Series, challenging organizers to connect performers with fans in new ways.

 Student with computer, talking by video chat


Cornell undergraduate and siblings contribute brain power to fight COVID-19

Yao Yu Yeo '21 created a computational model for the spread of COVID-19.
 Segment of wall on the Sardis acropolis


New lecture series introduces research at ancient Sardis

Although not as well-known as the ruins of Athens or Rome, the remains of the ancient city of Sardis, capital of the Iron Age empire of Lydia in what is now Turkey, offer a wealth of clues to Greek, Roman, Byzantine and other cultural histories.

 1917 image of airplanes in Barton Hall


Cornell history course adds spring 2020 to the archives

Corey Ryan Earle '07 is also offering Cornell History Happy Hours on Monday nights.