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 Artist's rendition of all the planets in the solar system next to each other


Cornell chosen to host fellowship in planetary astronomy

Cornell has been selected as one of 14 U.S.-based host institutions for the 51 Pegasi b Postdoctoral Fellowship in Planetary Astronomy. The fellowship, supported by the Heising-Simons Foundation, provides up to eight postdoctoral scientists per year up to $375,000 of support for independent research over three years.

 Andrew Moisey, assistant professor of the history of art and visual studies, delivers the talk “Forever Your Journey: Capturing the Experience of Faraway Places, 1700-1900” at Reunion


Reunion talk travels through time, and art

Travelers to Reunion were introduced to the origins and evolutions of travel photography by Andrew Moisey, assistant professor of the history of art and visual studies, in a June 6 talk, “Forever Your Journey: Capturing the Experience of Faraway Places, 1700-1900,” in Goldwin Smith Hall’s Hollis E. Cornell Auditorium.

 William Thomas, a graduate student in the field of chemistry and chemical biology, collects data on ribonucleotide reductase.


Study offers new target for antibiotic resistant bacteria

As antibiotic resistance rises, the search for new antibiotic strategies has become imperative. In 2013, the Centers for Disease Control estimated that antibiotic resistant bacteria cause at least 2 million infections and 23,000 deaths a year in the U.S.; a recent report raised the likely mortality rate to 162,044.

 Henry Crans looking through pipes


Henry Crans retires after 50 years at Cornell University

The Cornell community is invited to celebrate the retirement of Henry Crans, director of facilities for the College of Arts and Sciences, after 50 years at Cornell. The drop-in reception will be on Tuesday, June 25, 1-4 pm in the Groos Family Atrium in Klarman Hall.

 Alumni and families gather around a table with hyperbolic crochet examples and books


Hyperbolic crochet ‘goes viral’

Brightly colored crocheted hyperbolic planes spread across tables in the Mathematics Library,  welcoming alumni and their families to a talk with Daina Taimina on her signature method of tactile exploration of hyperbolic geometry and the new second edition of her book,  “Crocheting Adventures with Hyperbolic Planes: Tactile Mathematics, Art and Craft for All to Explore.”

 Woman carrying box with prize she won


College staff celebrate summer with Arts Quad picnic

Adorned with feathers, strings of (faux) pearls and false mustaches, College of Arts & Sciences staff celebrated the end of the year with a “Great Gatsby”-themed picnic on the Arts Quad. 

 Professors Ananda Cohen-Aponte, Erin York Cornwell, and Khena Swallow


Arts and Sciences faculty honored for advising, teaching

Erin York Cornwell has been awarded the 2019 Robert and Helen Appel Fellowship for Humanists and Social Scientists, and Ananda Cohen-Aponte and Khena Swallow have been awarded the 2019 Robert A. and Donna B. Paul Academic Advising Award.
They were among the Arts & Sciences faculty honored at a May 25 trustee-faculty dinner recognizing university-wide teaching and advising.
 A page from The Tale of Kieu, written by Nguyen Du and first published in 1820


Army service leads to career in area studies

Keith Taylor, professor of Asian Studies, celebrates his 50th anniversary as a U.S. Army veteran this Memorial Day, service to the country that determined his academic career.

 Gretchen Ritter


Gretchen Ritter named executive dean and vice provost at Ohio State University

Gretchen Ritter ’83, professor of government, has been appointed executive dean and vice provost of the Ohio State University College of Arts and Sciences.
 Two black holes


Gravitational waves leave a detectable mark, physicists say

Each new observable provides different ways of confirming the theory of general relativity and offers insight into the intrinsic properties of gravitational waves.
 woman on couch holding up newspaper with giant headline that says "Fake News"


Source credibility is key to derailing fake news

Fake news is a threat to American democratic institutions, whether through online election interference or, in extreme cases, inciting violence. New research offers a roadmap for dealing with false information.
 Woman in India cleaning out her water containers


Podcast shows how piped-in water changes lives

“Imagine how much water you use a day, and then imagine having to carry every ounce of that to your home."
 Student gazing into the distance with flowers in the foreground


Klarman postdoctoral fellowship program announced

The program will support early-career scholars of outstanding talent, initiative and promise.
 Artist's rendition of an exoplanet with an ocean on another world in front of it


Podcast explores where earth’s water came from

“Interstellar Water,” a new episode of the “What Makes Us Human” podcast series, examines the origin of our planet’s water.
 Math prof talking about soccer and math


The delightful geometries of soccer balls

A creative “arms race” has raged in recent years, transforming the traditional black pentagons and white hexagons of soccer balls with new graphics and seam patterns. On April 11, mathematical artist David Swart explored the latest soccer ball designs and spherical geometry in the 2019 Math Awareness Month lecture, sponsored by the Department of Mathematics in the College of Arts and Sciences. A reception followed the lecture.

 Poseidon with his triton


Homer’s ‘Odyssey’ explored in new podcast episode

“A Water-Filled Journey,” the newest episode of the “What Makes Us Human” podcast, examines Odysseus’ complex relationship with water.
 Sam Harnett "interviewing" a mud pot


‘World According to Sound’ creators to be artists in residence

Chris Hoff ’02 and Sam Harnett, co-creators of the 90-second public radio show and podcast, “The World According to Sound,” will be artists in residence this fall as part of Cornell’s multidisciplinary Media Studies Initiative.

In advance of their residency, Hoff and Harnett will give an audio presentation May 1 at 8 p.m. in Rhodes-Rawlings Auditorium, Klarman Hall. The event is free and open to the public.