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 Wendy Wolford


Cornell tackles ‘migrations’ global challenge

Researchers from every corner of Cornell are mobilizing to tackle one of the grand challenges of the modern era.

 molecule photo


Researchers raise the temperature for exciton condensation

New Cornell-led research is pointing the way toward an elusive goal of physicists – high-temperature superfluidity – by exploring excitons in atomically thin semiconductors.



Acoustic energy harnessed to soften shear-thickening fluids

You won’t be able to hear it, or even see it yet, but Cornell researchers are using ultrasonic waves to turn solids to slush – and back again.


Interdisciplinary Team Gets $2M grant for Bioenergy Conversion

The U.S. Department of Energy has awarded an interdisciplinary team of Cornell researchers $2 million to study the combination of inorganic semiconductor nanoparticles and bacterial cells for more efficient bioenergy conversion.
 plastic bottles


Sustainable polymers center gets NSF renewal grant

Plastic may be an artificial hodgepodge of organic and synthetic elements, but Geoffrey Coates’ admiration for the material is very real.

 A humpback whale surfaces in Hawaii.


Collaboration showcases creativity of whale songs

Annie Lewandowski worked with Google Creative Lab on a project developing artificial intelligence to recognize patterns in humpback whale songs.
 Rafe Pomerance


Alum who sounded climate change alarm featured at Reunion

As an environmental activist and lobbyist, Rafe Pomerance ’68 played an early, pivotal role in raising awareness about the threat of climate change in the late 1970s. He connected scientists with government policymakers and the media, efforts that led to congressional hearings.

 grains for sale at a market


Atkinson Academic Venture Fund awards $1.3M to 10 projects

New York apple farmers, wastewater treatment facilities, new energy technologies, rural-urban systems and leopards in Nepal all stand to get a sustainability boost from the Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future’s 2019 Academic Venture Fund (AVF) awards.

 Cornell Cinema will host a free screening of “The Human Element” on Earth Day, April 22, at 7 p.m.


Photographer Balog to highlight human element amid climate change April 22

For four decades, environmental photographer James Balog has traveled the world capturing the connections between humans and nature in vivid detail.

The Cornell community will have the opportunity to explore these connections, too, when Cornell Cinema hosts a free screening of “The Human Element” on Earth Day, April 22, at 7 p.m.

 A male Javan rhinoceros is pictured at Ujung Kulon National Park in Indonesia.


Undergrad's project part of effort to save Javan rhinos

Rhinoceroses are instantly recognizable by their rumpled gray skin, immense snouts and iconic horns, but not so much their voices.

That could change thanks to the efforts of Montana Stone ’19, who is working to document the vocalizations of Javan rhinos through a collaboration with the Lab of Ornithology’s Bioacoustics Research Program and Indonesia’s Ujung Kulon National Park. 

 Professor Laurent Dubreuil chats with singer Peter Gabriel on screen.


Forum highlights the connections between humans and apes

In the early 1980s, Peter Gabriel sang “Shock the Monkey.” But about 15 years ago, the English musician became more interested in jamming with apes instead.

Bonobos, specifically.

“I had always been fascinated to see how we might interact musically,” said Gabriel. “I was blown away at the obvious intelligence of the beings that I was sharing the space with.”

 Photo of oil sands in Alberta Canada.


Atkinson Center names 2018-19 SSHA faculty fellows

Sustainability science is getting a big boost from the humanities. And the social sciences. And the arts.

Cornell’s Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future has named seven social sciences, humanities and arts (SSHA) fellows for the 2018-19 academic year. The annual fellowships are awarded to faculty from across the university whose work broadens and deepens sustainability research.


Atkinson's Academic Venture Fund awards $1.5M to 12 projects

The Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future’s Academic Venture Fund (AVF) supports collaborations that cut across disciplines to address today’s greatest sustainability challenges. In 2018, the fund awarded $1.5 million to a range of projects that will provide sustainable solutions around the world, from the Finger Lakes to the Pamir Mountains in Central Asia.

 Students exploring Santorini


Cisterns could boost sustainable tourism on Greek island of Santorini

Since the 1970s, the Greek island of Santorini has enjoyed a thriving tourism industry. While the nearly 2 million people who annually visit the island pump money into the local economy, they also put a tremendous strain on the island’s infrastructure, particularly the usage of water. This problem is compounded by a lack of rainfall during the dry summer months when the tourist season is at its peak.