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College of Arts and Sciences

Juliette Corazón

Advising Dean


Juliette Ramírez Corazón grew up walking the very different worlds of Baltimore, northern Wisconsin and Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. She earned a BA (Psychology, Sociology) from Macalester College in St. Paul, MN and spent many years in immigrant community health, eventually earning an MPH from UCLA and developing a specialty in cancer education in Oakland, CA.

She joined Arts & Sciences in 2005 and established the Latina/o Student Success Office in collaboration with the Latina/o Studies Program. Other high points include co-organizing Ithaca’s one and only LGBT Pride march (2003), flying a Cessna 152 solo, the production of her screenplay La Larga Espera (The Long Wait), and singing weekly with Ithaca’s Dorothy Cotton Jubilee Singers.