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International Students

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Are you looking for an American education that lets you explore all of your interests? That lets you express your creativity, discover various majors and decide what kind of career fits you perfectly?

As a student in the College of Arts & Sciences, you can take classes across the disciplines – in everything from sociology to statistics to screenwriting. You can discover exactly which classes, research projects or creative pursuits make you excited to get up in the morning and learn the skills that will lead to a successful career, and a well-lived life.

You will be a part of the great American educational experiment that is Cornell — a university created by Ezra Cornell and A.D. White, who said they "would found an institution where any person can find instruction in any study.”

Yulu Cao“In high school, I just dreamed of being the top student and attending the top university in China. I had no time to think about myself. I did not know my passion. At Cornell, the College of Arts & Sciences gives me many chances to try something I have never done before. Sometimes I sit on Libe Slope and watch the sun go down, and think about my life and what I want to do. The College of Arts & Sciences inspired me to combine my interests – drawing, design and the environment - with my majors, information science and environment and sustainability.” — Yulu Cao ’22

Messages from our A&S faculty

Anindita Banarjee"I went to college in one of the many systems of higher education around the world where first-year students are locked down into fairly narrow courses of study targeted towards an equally limited range of professions. The flexibility and range offered by the College of Arts & Sciences at Cornell is astounding to me even as I practice a thoroughly interdisciplinary program of teaching and research within it. From my perspective, to pursue a course of study here is both a great privilege and an unprecedented opportunity: for discovering passions, building competencies, and acquiring skills in fields you did not even knew existed, but will be vital for thriving in our rapidly transforming world." — Anindita Banerjee, associate professor of comparative literature

Dong Lai“Cornell students in A&S are exposed to so many different ideas and fields of study that help broaden their horizons. At the same time, they have opportunities to carry out in-depth study on specialized topics with individual faculty. I have enjoyed working with some very talented students on astrophysics research, leading to publications in top professional journals. The curiosity, enthusiasm and seriousness of the students really make being a Cornell professor enjoyable.” – Dong Lai, astronomy professor