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Health Career Course Sequences

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Cornell Courses


Option 1

BioG 1500 Investigative Biology Laboratory and

BioMG 1350 Introductory Biology: Cell and Developmental Biology and

BioG 1440 or 1445: Introductory Biology: Comparative Physiology (*1445 is a personalized instruction format alternative)

Option 2

BioG 1107 Introductory Biology I: From Atom to Cell (summer) and BioG 1108 Introductory Biology II: From Cell to Biosphere (summer) and BioG 1500 Investigative Biology Laboratory

Option 3 (No longer offered - ended Spring 2013) BioG 1105 & 1106 Introductory Biology, Individualized Instruction


One of the following:

  1. BioMG 3310 Principles of Biochemistry: Proteins and Metabolism and

BioMG 3320 Principles of Biochemistry: Molecular Biology

  1. BioMG 3300 Biochemistry, Individualized Instruction
  2. BioMG 3350 Principles of Biochemistry: Proteins, Metabolism, and Molecular Biology
  3. NS 3200 Introduction to Human Biochemistry
  4. BioMG 3330 Principles of Biochemistry: Proteins, Metabolism, and Molecular Biology (summer)

Biology, Not Required


BioMG 2800 Genetics Lecture

BioMG 2801 Genetics Lab (starts Spring 2013)

BioMG 2810 Genetics Lecture & Lab (last time offered Fall 2012) BioEE 1610 Introductory Biology: Ecology and the Environment BioEE 1780 Evolutionary Biology and Diversity

BioMI 2900 General Microbiology

NS 3410 Human Anatomy and Physiology (lecture) and NS 3420 (laboratory)


General Chemistry

Chem 2070 & 2080 General Chemistry (laboratory included) or

Chem 2150, (see Premedical Advisor regarding this option) and is an accelerated one-semester course leading directly to Organic Chemistry or

Chem 2090 (for Engineering College students only) & 2080



Chem 3570 & 3580 (lecture sequence) & 2510 (laboratory) or

Chem 3590 & 3600 (advanced lecture sequence) & 2510 (laboratory)


The First-Year Writing Seminar sequence usually satisfies this. For the rare

exceptions, see the Medical School Admissions Requirements Guide (MSAR).


One semester each of calculus and statistics

General Physics

PHYS 1101 & 1102, Individualized Instruction, not calculus-based, or

PHYS 2207 & 2208, calculus-based, or

PHYS 1112 & 2208, calculus-based, or

PHYS 1112 & 2213 & 2214 for Engineering College students

Crossovers between 1101/2208 and 2207/1102 are acceptable; consult Physics website or Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS).

Social Science

One semester of a social science course, preferably Psychology or Sociology.

Consult with a premedical advisor to find a relevant course.