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College of Arts and Sciences

Hada Avery Damon Bogetti Pérez

Class of 2020

 Hada Avery Damon Bogetti Perez

Hometown: Westley, CA

What is your College Scholar project?
Artifice and nature in the modern, postmodern, and post-postmodern urban space: a literary study of entropy and design.

What are your most important extra-curricular activities?
I’m into stories, and I try to do things that relate to this interest: as a resident advisor on North Campus, a founding member of RED Studio Cornell, a photographer and writer for the Sibley School, and an event planner for Entrepreneurship at Cornell’s Hackathons, I create, share, or enable others to create and share multimedia and multinarrative stories. I am also more directly living out my storied interests in a collection of short stories that I am writing as a personal writerly exercise and a part of my College Scholar thesis project. Most important, the universe has granted me the immense blessing of living stories and making memories with some incredibly beautiful, special people. Of course, not everything in life is a story (or is it?), and I have other activities, but those activities that I’ve already mentioned are a good indication of how I spend my time.

Talk about any summer internships or programs you’ve attended? 
I’ve spent one summer doing a legal internship with K&L Gates in Palo Alto, and another writing and living in Mexico City. I hope to spend next summer in Madrid or Barcelona, after a semester abroad in Paris.

What do you dream of doing after graduation?
It is my dream to eventually become a professor of literature (I’ve been so inspired by my brilliant, passionate and compassionate professors here at Cornell). Before that, I will certainly get my PhD, and I am also thinking about spending a few years as an international journalist and/or getting my master’s degree from a university outside the United States. During this time and beyond, I plan to continue writing my own literature.