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Find a Job or Internship: Getting Started

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Job searches can be notoriously daunting.  They are, however, more manageable than you realize.  Let’s break it down:

Start off your job search by exploring your exploring your interests and their related fields.  Come in to chat with us about what work in any given industry looks like.  Also, take the time to check in with people you know in those fields about what they do every day.  Take advantage of career conversations with alumni.  Come in to discuss your personality or interest, or take an assessment to see where your interests and background align in a particular field.  If you’re a first- or second-year student, we encourage you to come find us at Exploring Majors and Careers.  

Next, make connections with the people around you and research what life in your fields of interest looks like. Networking is a buzzword with a bad reputation for something you already do all the time, that really isn’t as bad as it sounds – meet people, and make connections with new folks interested in similar things.  You can start to think about your peers, faculty, even parents of your peers, as your network as you build it out using this handy sheet.  You can review full tips and tricks on networking, as well as get an overview for A&S-specific opportunities, on our networking page.

Once you have an idea of what you want to do and how to get there, start applying to jobs.  Be sure to get your materials reviewed and practice your interviewing.  Once you finally land your dream offer, evaluate it carefully and make a decision.  

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