Enrolling in Courses

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We hope you now have a list of courses ready. To finalize your preparation, please:

Important Points

  • Try logging in to your Student Center a few days before pre-enrollment, and start practicing how to find and add your desired courses. It can be helpful to use the class number in the Class Roster (in blue for each course) rather than the course number.
  • Adding courses to your shopping cart does not reserve your space - you must click "finish enrolling" for a course to appear on your schedule.
  • Remember that your FWS ballot is not time sensitive, and should not be cast until after you have pre-enrolled in your other courses.
  • This is only your first opportunity to put together your semester schedule. Almost all students use add/drop at the start of the semester to make minor or major changes to their list of courses!

Help! A course I want to enroll in is full!

  • Don't panic! You can keep checking for open spots until pre-enrollment closes.
  • In the meantime, it is always smart to have a few back-up courses in mind in the same department, or in related fields of study. Find another course that appeals to you and enroll in it instead. (You can plan to take your original choice in a future semester.)
  • Contact the department offering the course. If it is a course you feel you really need to take in your first semester, the department may have advice on how to proceed. Sometimes you should attend the first class meeting or add your name to a waiting list for that class. Be assured that the college's departments will do as much as they can to help you get into the course that you need.
  • Wait until the add/drop period starts at 8:00am on Friday, January 18th. As students make changes to their schedule, spaces will often open up in courses that were previously full.
  • It is possible that you will not be able to enroll in all the classes you were hoping to take during your first semester. If this happens, keep in mind that the College of Arts & Sciences is very flexible, and that you can be, too; there are no specific courses that you absolutely must take right away. 


If you have further questions, email the college's advisors at as_advising@cornell.eduPlease be aware that we will respond only to your Cornell e-mail address, so be sure to activate your account!