David M. Katz

Class of 2014

Hometown: Syracuse, New York

What was your College Scholar project?
My College Scholar course of study focused on the intersection between legal history and legal philosophy, and how post-modern and post-structural critiques could influence legal studies.  My honors thesis, and intellectual curiosity, focused on legal fictions; it was entitled, "Negligence Without the Name" and discussed legal fictions and their role as vehicles of legal change in the common law.

What are you doing now?
Since I have graduated, I have enrolled in law school while also clerking for  a litigator.

How do you think your experience as a College Scholar has shaped your life or your career? Are there ways that you have applied the skills/knowledge/life lessons you learned as a College Scholar throughout your life?
My experience as a College Scholar has shaped my academic life and my career.  My College Scholar work has given me a framework for understanding the law, which is the key to being both a good law student and a good lawyer.  Academically, my thesis has not left me; it follows me.  Currently, I am working on three articles regarding my thesis and its applicability to areas of the law that law school and legal practice has shown me.