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Abby Maranga ’16, biology & society; Beacon, N.Y.

“Cornell was a space that my interests in music, service and research have really imprinted themselves upon my identity.”

Jocelyn Vega ‘17, government, sociology; Chicago, IL

“My family has really instilled in me the value of hard work and of pushing through when things seem impossible. I want to focus my life on giving back to others, to create a collaborative system where we can solve issues together.”

Salem Argaw ‘17, biological sciences; Parker, CO

“I was—and continue to be—marveled by the intricate systems that make our day- to-day actions possible. “

Emily Tavarez '16, sociology & Latina/o studies; Rahway, NJ

"I value my liberal arts education for putting an emphasis on an international experience."

Anthony Halmon ‘17, Africana studies; Chicago, IL

“Cornell has helped me to think big, but start small.”

Han Zhu '16, mathematics & philosophy; Wuxi, China

“Debate taught me to approach every opinion with caution and respect and without prejudicial preconceptions.”

Savannah Jo Dowling ’16, China and Asia Pacific studies & Near Eastern studies; San Diego, Calif.

“I made the decision to commit myself to pursuing opportunities in the Middle East after I graduate.”

Kevin Cruz '18, fine arts and American studies; Los Angeles, Calif.











“Letting people help you is one of the best things you can do for yourself.”