COVID-19 & Reactivation Planning

Visit Cornell University's COVID-19 and Reactivation Planning site for the latest information.

The College of Arts & Sciences is working in concert with University leadership to monitor the coronavirus pandemic and provide guidance and resources for students, faculty and staff within the College. The health, safety and well-being of our community is our highest priority. Important resources and news for our College community are included below for quick reference as well as an FAQ section for Arts & Sciences students.

Last updated: April 6, 2021

FAQs for students

How do I connect with my Advising Dean?
Schedule an appointment with your Advising Dean or stop by their Drop-in Hours, held every day, M-F, all semester long.

I am concerned about COVID-19’s impact on my plan as a pre-health student, how can I get help?
Refer to our pre-health page for the latest FAQ and contact for assistance in planning your semester.

Can I enroll in classes with time conflicts this spring?
Yes, in some cases A&S students can enroll in two classes that have conflicting times. Please be aware that the university will not allow students to have overlaps with two classes that are both meeting in person. The A&S Registrar's Office will process all other time conflict requests provided that both instructors and departments have given written approval. Please be aware that some instructors and departments will not allow conflicts of any type even for online classes. To obtain approval for adding a class that conflicts with another one in your schedule you may submit a time conflict form available at The A&S Registrar’s Office will start accepting time conflict forms on Feb. 1, prior to the semester start on Feb. 8.

What is the enrollment credit limit for A&S students this spring?
All A&S students can enroll in up to 22 total credits (18 maximum for students on warning/probation). Even though students have the ability to enroll in this maximum without petitioning, the university has strongly recommended that all students limit their enrollment this spring to 18 academic credits to allow for a successful completion of the spring term and to reduce stress.

Please see Any enrollments over 22 must be petitioned (over 18 for students on warning/probation) and students should be aware that for Spring 2021 petitions will only be approved in the case of extraordinary extenuating circumstances.

I’m considering studying abroad during the fall 2021 and/or spring 2022 semesters. What should I be doing now?
Visit the Office of Global Learning’s Study Abroad COVID-19 FAQs regularly for updates on the status of study abroad.  

Meet with Education Abroad program advisors and A&S study abroad advisors for advice on planning and preparing for your study abroad experience.