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General Administration
Senior Administrator to the Dean Beth Fox 607-255-9443
Assistant to the Dean (front desk) Ashley Payne 607-255-1097
Executive Assistant to the Sr. Associate Deans Rebecca Givens 607-255-4146
Associate Dean of Administration David M. Taylor 607-255-1097
Student Services
Director of Advising Bonnie Comella 607-255-5004
Director of Admissions Irene Lessmeister 607-255-4833
Director of Administration/Registrar Duncan Bell 607-255-5004
Director of Career Development Center Jennifer Maclaughlin 607-255-4166
Alumni Affairs & Development
Associate Dean for Alumni Affairs and Development Monica Lewis 607-255-8478
Interim Director, Development Michelle Houle Hitz 607-254-6139
Director, Alumni Affairs Laurie Johnston 607-255-9884
Director Tricia Barry 607-255-7165
News & Media Relations Manager Linda Glaser 607-255-8942
Web Design & Development Manager Bob Marteal
Design & Marketing Specialist Laura Anca Chichisan 607-255-9272
Digital Content Coordinator Scott Haber 607-255-1084
Writer & Communications Specialist (Students & Alumni) Kathy Hovis-Younger 607-255-9646
Web Developer Mark Wilson
Director Erik Gray 607-255-3801
AV Technician Kevin Michael Mathy 607-227-5816
Finance and Budget
Director Maureen Quartararo 607-255-7051
College Budget Analyst Phani Love 607-255-3722
Director, Business Service Center Diane West 607-255-5686
Assistant Manager Jolene Layton 607-254-7463
Accounts Representative Michelle Bruer 607-255-6103
Accounts Representative David Harrington 607-255-8077
Human Resources
Director Sara Bloxsom 607-255-4904
HR Assistant (Workday, reporting & data integrity, grad appts) Mary Ammerman 607-255-0195
HR Assistant (non-academic appointments, hourly payroll & student appts) Michelle Stepanok 607-255-7507
HR Consultant (professorial & lecturer appts & leaves) Lisa Wesche 607-255-1998
HR Consultant (non-academic recruitment, training, employee relations) Tara Wilder 607-255-4147
Information Technology
Director Frank Strickland 607-255-5080
Director of Data Admin & Reporting Cindy Sedlacek 607-255-3920
Planning, Policy & Academic Support
Director Kathleen Gemmell 607-255-7335