Claire Stack

Class of 2015

Hometown: Rochester, NY

What was your College Scholar project?
I studied the intersectionality of theater and psychology, and became specifically interested in how social psychological research applies to theatrical directing. My senior project is a study of different research principles that the director can use to create a rehearsal environment that is more creative, productive, and enjoyable for the cast members. I began the program knowing that I wanted to study theater and psychology, but my specific project has evolved quite a bit. As I took classes like Directing I, Social Psychology and Positive Psychology, I discovered my affinity for those respective subjects within their wider fields. I also narrowed down what I wanted to achieve after graduation, which is working as a director.

What were your most important extra curricular activities?
I was heavily involved in the Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts over the past four years. I have participated in more than 15 productions as director, producer, writer, actor, stage manager or crew. I had the opportunity to direct The Women of Lockerbie in fall 2014. My experience directing that show contributed significantly to my College Scholar project. My involvement in the Schwartz has provided me with good friends, wonderful mentors and the opportunity to grow as a person and as an artist. I am forever indebted to the program for the skills and friends I have gained during my time at Cornell.

Talk about any summer internships or programs you attended?
I had a summer internship for all three of my summers at Cornell. After my freshman year, I worked at Columbia University's Summer High School Program as a Resident Adviser and Program Assistant. There I served as an RA to a group of high school students and planned trips around NYC to them, showing them everything from Central Park to Broadway shows. After sophomore year, I worked at the Snapple Theater Center in NYC as a marketing intern. I assisted in social media promotion, working with local businesses, as well as front of house duties during performances. After junior year, I worked as a Company Management Intern at the Hangar Theatre in Ithaca. I was charged with hospitality-related tasks for the Hangar Staff: driving artists to the theater, picking them up from the airport, finding and preparing the places where they would be staying, etc.

What are you doing now?
I am currently living in Brooklyn, NY. I am stage-managing Far From Canterbury, a new musical written by Danny Bernstein '14, that will be performed in the NYC Fringe Festival. Eventually I hope to work as an Artistic Director for a LORT theater. I also hope to learn the cello.