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The Arts & Sciences Career Connections Committee was established in 2010 to assist with enhancing alumni-student connections within the College, because the most effective way for students to progress in their career development is through exposure to possible career fields. Alumni can play an integral role in both exposing students to careers and providing expertise on entering specific career fields.  

To create and assist with implementing a plan to connect more students with alumni and parents in order to increase student exposure to career options, strategies for entering fields of interest, and the breadth of professional networks.

Field Teams Structure  
The A&S Career Connections Committee and Field Teams play a much needed role in connecting students with alumni and parents to learn about careers. These teams are also some of the first and only alumni volunteer opportunities within the College of Arts & Sciences, outside of the prestigious Dean's Advisory Council. 

The Field Teams are designed to provide a network of alumni and parents in fields of interest to A&S students. Field Teams include Finance, Law, Media, Government & Policy, and Healthcare. The job of these teams is to organize activities that engage students with alumni and others in the field to learn about careers.The A&S Career Connections Committee is the advisory group for the field teams and meets regularly with college staff to discuss goals and priorities for the field teams.

Career Connections Committee and Field Team members are ambassadors to the College of Arts & Sciences in a variety of ways including:

  • Offering advice and activities for students to learn about the breadth of career fields available as well as how to be competitive in the current job market
  • Reinforcing with students that career development is a key component of a Cornell education, and that exposure to diverse career opportunities is critical to discovering career direction
  • Underscoring the importance of a liberal arts education
  • Informing Career Development staff of workplace and hiring trends
  • Encouraging alumni and parents to volunteer through Career Connections Committee events, EXTERN/FRESH job shadowing programs, and A&S Career Conversations
  • Promoting Cornell talent to other employers in their networks

For more information about the A&S Career Connections Committee or to nominate yourself (or someone else) for a Field Team, use the button below to access opportunities posted on CU Volunteer.

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