Camille Edwards

Class of 2018

Hometown: Marin County, Calif.

What is your College Scholar project?
Through the lens of political theory, my project examines the origins of intellectual property law, copyrighting, and trademarking from John Locke’s “On Property” to our United States Constitution. How does the Constitution consider intellectual property? What court cases have challenged or validated the claim that we are owners of our ideas and can claim that ownership through legal action? How do these laws affect the creative disciplines of fashion, music and art that are inherently collaborate in nature? In my Modern Political Theory course this Spring, I became intrigued with how various political theorists consider one’s ownership or lack thereof of their beliefs and ideas. With a particular interest in fashion, I would like to explore to what extend theorist such as John Locke and John Stuart Mill have influenced the theorists and arguments behind our current legal restrictions on intellectual property. What is considered an original idea that can be copyrighted or trademarked? Have these laws evolved with the changing landscapes of technology and social media? Through courses on political aesthetics, constitutional law, art history, and fashion management, I hope to find answers to these questions. 

What are your most important extra-curricular activities?
From the start of my freshman year to the fall of my sophomore year, I assisted Professor Tasha Lewis in her fashion research through the Fashion Management Department at Cornell. Part of the research involves interviewing individuals to gather what garments or styles people perceive to be the most flattering for their figures. Through this lens of fashion, I have started to explore how much personal taste and style factor into a person's perception of beauty. While the research does not align directly with my College Scholar interests, it has exposed me to the world of fashion from an empirical perspective and allowed me to understand the consumer’s perception of style, originality, and taste on a macro level. 

What do you dream of doing after graduation?
With my passions most strongly oriented towards fashion and film, I would love to work as an intellectual property lawyer for either of these fields after attending law school. This coming summer, I will be interning for The Austin Law Group, an entertainment law firm located in San Francisco that works with art, film, and music transactional and intellectual property law issues; this is a great opportunity to gain exposure to the intellectual property law sector. As of now, any job that speaks to one of my passions would be a dream!